.. somewhere on the shores of the Mayan peninsula,
she looked lovely and heads turn as she walks back from the bar towards me on the beach holding the pina coladas,
her golden skin kissed by the sun, in contrast to the white sand,
we swam a little and drank some more 'til sunset,

..at night, we went to dine and dance at a downtown resto-club,
she was stunning with her flowing summer evening dress,
the hombres can't help but gaze,
as I walked proud next to my lovely lady,
I may have had one shots of Josecuervo too many,
but she was a lady, she drove home,
she helped me to bed,
even with my drunken vision she was beautiful,
I told her she truly look wonderful that night,
She slipped off her dress, join me to bed as I turned out the light...

A salud! Clinks! ;)