• Mumbai Air

    I was in Mumbai since last week to meet a design and engineering company to discuss our plan to outsource all our design and drafting work. I had few days free so I decided to e-mail a blogfriend perhaps we could meet. Luckily enough I was able to contact her. I told her that I wanted to visit the Taj Mahal. She said she could meet me in Delhi and from there.
    I flew to New Delhi, Airport 3.0 miles from Indira Gandhi Intl Airport and stayed at Four Points by Sheraton.
    She was as lovely as I thought she was, young, intelligent and polite. We didn't stop talking like we've known each other for a long time, she made me very comfortable and I guess likewise as we hop the main railway station in Delhi is New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS), near Paharganj. to a 3 hour ride to Agra.
    The Taj Mahal was not a disappointment, it was a true Jewel and a masterpiece work of art and architecture. It was everything I've read and expected and more.
    She suggested when we got back to Delhi to experience the cycle rickshaws ride. Sitting in a rickshaw idly and passing through the small congested lanes of old Delhi is something one I can never forget as we. took a ride through Chandni Chowk or Fatehpuri area of Old Delhi to get a real feel of the old city. Then we stop over at the paranthe wali gali for some delicious paranthas.
    I think I've enjoyed more the smell and sight of the old city of Delhi than the metropolitan, western Mumbai. Of course, I couldn't deny the contrasting faint Chanel scent and occasional bumping of the soft skin beside me on that bumpy road.
    I invited her for a drink or coffee after the most glorious day ever, which she obliged and we talked some more between sips of "Kingfisher" beer, from same company I was told produced "Lion" beer, brought by the Brits, and the first beer in Asia.
    But as she continued talking, I stopped listening, I watched her lovely lips but I heard no words, I follow her hands as she pushed back her hair, my eyes traced the contour of her jawlines, the neck and the shoulder, 'til she caught my stare and I was so embarrassed. But she just smiled at me, then she looked straight into my eyes. After a momentary pause.. words came out from her lips.. "Jose, you promised me a while back, that you will draw me, wearing only this..(pointing the little jewel on the side of her divine nostrils).."
    I stuttered .." ya- ya- yes.. Vidhi.."
    My mobile buzzed and I looked at the date displayed, April 1.

  • The Wind of Change

    Missouri is burning,
    an American journalist was beheaded in Syria,
    isn't it just amazing to witness the wind of change,

    how we are so close as brothers..

  • Sunshiny Day

    32C, sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy in this late spring in la belle ville a Montreal. ;)

  • Beautiful Boy

    Life is a canvas.Life is a canvas

  • The Last Tango

    Last Tango in Krakow

  • "Tequila Suntan "

    .. somewhere on the shores of the Mayan peninsula,
    she looked lovely and heads turn as she walks back from the bar towards me on the beach holding the pina coladas,
    her golden skin kissed by the sun, in contrast to the white sand,
    we swam a little and drank some more 'til sunset, night, we went to dine and dance at a downtown resto-club,
    she was stunning with her flowing summer evening dress,
    the hombres can't help but gaze,
    as I walked proud next to my lovely lady,
    I may have had one shots of Josecuervo too many,
    but she was a lady, she drove home,
    she helped me to bed,
    even with my drunken vision she was beautiful,
    I told her she truly look wonderful that night,
    She slipped off her dress, join me to bed as I turned out the light...

    A salud! Clinks! ;)

  • Victor, Victoria

    Victoria Day long weekend in Canada, Patriots Day in Quebec, otherwise it's national garden planting day.
    Bansky's Victoria

  • MMS

    When I was 17, It used to be L,M,M,J,V,S,D (Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi, Dimanche),
    When I was 21, It was L,M,V, D,
    When I was 35, It was M,J,S,
    but now I'm in the autumn of life,
    it's only MMS...
    *Mes Meilleurs!

    *My Good Memories* -Google Translate

  • April Upon Thames

    I am actually in London today at the Grosvenor, lovely Victorian hotel overlooking the Thames. Our company is expanding into the UK and wants to tap on the skyscrapers boom in London and I was chosen to represent the company to meet our contacts and perhaps close a deal. I wanted to call and meet a "friend" I met last year in Liverpool but couldn't make the trip this time, so I e-mailed one blog friend , I remember who has a houseboat studio on the Thames and she accepted to meet. She was as the most lovely, classy, warm person and everything as I thought she was. She knows all of the landmarks in London and she showed me around. I invited her for dinner at the hotel's restaurant and we had a delicious meal and lovely conversation as she has also lived in the States and have visited Montreal. Later she invited me for coffee with brandy haha and I asked if she mind if she could show me some techniques in painting, she replied sure, and if I don't mind she paints me. I said I don't mind, if she doesn't mind I draw a pencil sketch of her. After few fills of brandy (mostly), we were done. We exchanged pictures, I gave her my pencil sketch and she gave me her paint of me. It was getting late and I have an early morning meeting tomorrow, so I thanked her for the most wonderful time, and the opportunity to meet a great artist and wonderful lady and bid her"Goodnight

    It is now past midnight and it is April 1.

  • The Crown of the King

    Crown of King 001 (800x582)

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